Hot Home Upgrades For a Stylish 2020

stylish french doors

The new decade is just around the corner, which means many homeowners are planning out their New Years’ resolutions. For some, this will likely include sprucing up things around the house and making some much-needed upgrades. If this sounds like you, make sure you incorporate these stylish home improvements into your plans; they’re likely to become popular home trends during the upcoming decade.


Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows


Energy efficiency will be key in the new decade for homeowners everywhere. From swapping out lighting fixtures to upgrading appliances, there are a number of ways to embrace conservation. After all, the less energy you use, the better off you’ll be.


One surprising way to improve your home’s energy efficiency in 2020 is with new energy-efficient vinyl windows. When it comes to a home’s wall space, about 15% is taken up by windows. Since a lot of air can escape through these windows, they’ll often have a massive impact on your home’s heating and energy use. Upgrading your windows is a fast way to make a stylish fix that’s also energy-efficient.


Stylish French Doors


Sometimes, you just can’t beat the classics. Stylish French doors are one element that definitely won’t go out of style in the new decade. French doors provide a grand and elegant entrance, simultaneously improving the interior and exterior of your home. Likewise, French doors for the patio make the most of your outdoor space and encourage both you and your guests to make full use of what your home has to offer. If you’ve got the space, try upgrading either your front door or patio door to a set of stylish French doors. You can even use these doors to separate a home office or guest bedroom in a way that still feels inviting and fresh.


Minimalist and Modern Aesthetics


Finally, one trend that’s sure to pop up at the start of the decade is a new and modern aesthetic. If you’re excited about all the futuristic advancements the new decade will hold, this look is perfect for you. Look for modern sliding doors, minimalist aesthetics, and clean, sharp lines in 2020. The minimalist look has been taking hold at the end of this year, and the trend is likely to continue in home improvement in 2020.


The new decade is just about to start, and if you want to keep up with the most recent home design trends, use this list as a starting point. For more information about home design, windows, and doors, contact Illumination Window and Door today.