When Do I Need New Windows?

One of the responsibilities of being a homeowner is knowing when certain aspects of your home need to be replaced, including your windows and doors. Windows take up around 15% of your home’s wall space, which means that they need to be accounted for. Neglecting your windows can lead to further potential issues developing in your home. This guide will help you determine whether or not you need to get your windows replaced.

Water Damage

Water damage that occurs around your windows may be an indicator that you have faulty windows that are in need of a window replacement. Water damage may not appear as actual water. You may instead notice bubbling or peeling paint and damage to the wood surrounding the window. You could also notice water pooling in certain areas around the window. Windows that are causing water damage should be addressed quickly, as water damage can cause further potential damage which could include structural damage and mold. Vinyl replacement windows are an option for homeowners. Vinyl window benefits include energy-saving technology.

Increased Heating and Cooling Costs

An increase in your bills may actually signal that your windows are in need of a window replacement. This may be especially true if you have just purchased an older home that is in need of some updating. The windows for that house may not have ever been replaced. Faulty windows may be letting air escape, as well as enter your home. Speaking with a professional can also provide you with energy-efficient vinyl windows.

Broken Glass

If the glass in your window is broken, chances are it is not doing what it is intended to do. A broken window is also presenting a potential hazard, as even a crack in the glass can lead to a disaster. Instead, it is best to speak to a professional about your replacement options.

Hire a Professional for Window Replacement

Waiting to replace your windows can lead to costly expenses that no homeowner wants to deal with. It may sound like a daunting process, but a professional window and door company can help walk you through the process of your window replacement. IllumiNation Window and Door prides itself on providing our clients with detailed customer service and expert solutions that fit any budget.

The Multiple Benefits of Vinyl Windows

There are lots of things that come to mind when thinking about your home and potential updates. Almost all of which cause stress and fine-tooth price saving decisions. New countertops, updating your sliding doors, new appliances, or the beautiful view that comes with french doors are just a few among the list. But how often do you think about vinyl window benefits? Wood and aluminum windows used to be the dominant type of windows in homes. However, due to the introduction of vinyl windows, that’s no longer the case.

You may not know this, but approximately 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through its windows. So making sure you have the most energy-efficient vinyl windows will help you to save some of the money on heat that’s been seeping out through your windows. There are many benefits to having vinyl windows, but a major benefit is that they are more energy-efficient than others due to replacements typically being double pane or triple pane, rather than older single-pane windows, offering superior thermal protection. Not only that, but they’re also recyclable and last longer than wood or aluminum windows.

Other vinyl window benefits include that they’re typically cheaper than wood, they don’t require any painting or staining providing you with less maintenance for your home, and they come in a variety of styles and custom sizes. The variety of styles, sizes, and colors is a huge benefit because it offers so many different options. An additional benefit to new vinyl windows rather than older windows is that they’re easier to clean. Likely the most important benefit to vinyl windows, though, is that they’re cheaper in comparison to other windows.

Knowing that vinyl window benefits outweigh that of wood or aluminum windows, it’s a rather easy decision to make should you be considering updating your windows. While other decisions related to renovating your home can be much more difficult to make, this is a rather simple decision. Unlike choosing which color you want your living room to be or what type of flooring you want in the kitchen, you can save yourself some of the stress and trouble by knowing vinyl windows will save you money and time in maintenance.

How to Upgrade Your Patio or Outdoor Deck

sliding doors

Many people spend hours perfecting the inside of their homes. But what about the patio space? Often, this space can become neglected even though it has the potential to be one of the coziest and most utilized areas in your home. To learn more about how you can give this outdoor space a much-needed makeover, read on.

Add Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can add a graceful transition from the indoor to the outdoor areas of your home. Sliding patio doors make getting to your patio space easier too. They are also safe, as you can get yours installed with shatter-proof glass. Lastly, they allow an ample amount of natural light to pour in, which is something that can surely enhance your mood.

If you want to create a more classic and romantic looking space, add stylish French doors for the patio instead.

Add Furniture

Adding comfy lawn furniture is another way you can transform your outdoor space. If you love to read outdoors, add a hammock so you can rest your feet while reading a page-turning thriller. If you have a large family, install a porch swing, so everyone can relax together while enjoying the scenery on a spring day.

Add Some Greenery

Add flowers, small shrubs, or even an herb garden if you love to cook with fresh ingredients. This may also purify the air around your home, as plants absorb carbon dioxide.

Repaint the Area

A fresh coat of paint can brighten nearly any area of your home. Try to use lighter colors if you’re changing up the patio to make the space seem larger than it is.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve been neglecting your outdoor patio space, it may be time to get creative and transform this area of your home. This can easily turn into your new favorite spot come summer, spring, and fall with the right enhancements. Whether you’re adding sliding doors, giving the deck a fresh coat of paint, or adding a herb garden, these ideas are sure to transform even the dreariest patio.

Replacing Sliding Doors With Vinyl French Doors

vinyl french doors

If it is time to replace your sliding patio doors, you may want to consider replacing them with custom vinyl French doors instead. Sliding doors are a great option, but vinyl French doors may be a better one for your home.

How do you decide which option is best for your home? You ask an expert of course. There are things that vinyl French doors can deliver that sliding doors cannot. Learn more about your options to make an informed decision.

Why Should I Consider Vinyl French Doors For My Patio Door?

There are a few benefits that you can get form stylish French doors that you just do not find with sliding doors like:

  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Potential for increased energy efficiency
  • Potential for a higher level of security

Sliding doors are great, and for many homes, they are the best option, but if you want to really add some style to your patio doors, it is hard to beat the aesthetics of French doors. French doors add a more formal feel to space than sliding doors do.

Energy efficiency may also be enhanced by high-quality vinyl French doors. They can seal better than some sliding patio doors and keep the elements out. Around 30% of energy in a home is lost through old windows and doors.

Custom French doors may also increase security. It is much harder to break into a French door than it is a sliding door. Of course, if you have new high-quality sliding doors, then this is not something you have to worry about.

Improve Your Space

Vinyl French doors are an upgrade from traditional sliding patio doors. They instantly add style to space. Of course, you may have to pay a little more for custom French doors but the extra cost is well worth it when you consider all the benefits that you get.

Upgrading your space is easy when you have window and door experts on your team that offer a wide range of window and door options. You can get the information you need and make an informed decision by connecting with a leader in the window and door industry. Isn’t it time you replaced those old sliding doors for something better?

Best Window Features for Areas With a Hot Climate

window replacement Scottsdale

Arizona has a desert climate, which is, according to recent reports, prone to heatwaves due to unpredictable weather changes. Given that windows take up about 15% of a home’s wall space, finding the right window that will guarantee energy savings, maximum daylight, and comfort is essential.

You may choose the best window you can find. But you ought to keep in mind that there are variables, such as the design of the house and local codes, that will factor into your final decision. If you are looking for window replacement in Scottsdale, there are several features you should consider.

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Replace Old Sliding Doors to Improve Energy Efficiency

Nearly 30% of heating energy for a home is lost through the windows. You can also lose heating energy through old sliding doors that don’t fit well. It’s time to replace your old sliding doors with brand-new fiberglass sliding doors. They are stylish, trouble-free and can operate smoothly for many years. Choose from a variety of fiberglass sliding doors created to fit virtually any home. Sliding patio doors offer many benefits besides just providing you with a gorgeous view of your backyard. Speak with sliding door specialists who will make sure they fit your home well and look gorgeous matching the exterior of your home and windows too.


Sliding Doors Are a Popular Feature for Homes


Many homes come with sliding doors. They offer convenient access while also creating an unimpeded view either inside or out. This offers you the opportunity to bask in the golden glow of the sun thanks to sliding doors that give you the natural light you love. Today, glass and frames are considered to be more energy-efficient. Many doors also come with better security via advanced locking mechanisms and leakage preventing flashing packages. Stop the heat loss, poor security, and leakage that are synonymous with old patio doors, and embrace sophisticated fiberglass sliding doors. Your home will look better while your energy costs are effectively lowered.


Work Closely with a Top Window and Door Company


An expert window and door supplier has many choices for fiberglass sliding doors in stock from esteemed manufacturers such as Milgard, Weather Shield Windows and Doors, Anderson Windows and Doors, Heritage Windows and Doors, and Western Window Systems. Sliding door specialists are ready to help you choose the right fiberglass sliding doors with a full lifetime warranty that will perfectly fit your home. Their services come with all of the sliding door materials needed to install your sliding doors correctly the first time, and much more.


What Do Installation Services Include?


Window and door specialists can handle every part of an installation for your fiberglass sliding doors. It all starts with a free consultation that includes taking measurements for accuracy. Let the experts take care of all of the hard work. They will completely remove your old doors and frame and dispose of them for you. The installation itself includes exterior and interior trim placed around your new modern sliding doors. The overall goal is to ensure that your home is treated with the utmost respect during installation projects. You can also expect a complete and thorough clean-up.


Why Is Fiberglass So Popular?

Fiberglass patio doors have become a very popular option for many reasons. They are a cost-effective choice that requires very little maintenance. When you want specific door options, don’t rule out fiberglass. Composed of glass-based materials, fiberglass is extremely versatile and can mimic the look of flawless wood doors, without forcing you to deal with the flaws wood doors present. Fiberglass patio doors that slide are sturdy and perfect for handling shifts in atmospheric conditions and weather without deteriorating, warping or rotting.

The Illusion of Space Is Everything


When you want to create the look of more space in your home patio doors that slide to open and close will do the trick. Upgrade your sliding doors to fiberglass doors that can revamp your space and create the illusion that you have more of it! Let the fresh air in, open small areas and widen your view with energy-efficient fiberglass doors.


Fiberglass Adds Character to Your Home


Are you looking to add flexibility in design when it comes to replacing or adding sliding doors to your home? Create an aesthetically pleasing view from the inside or outside of your home with sliding doors manufactured using fiberglass. No matter what type of finish you prefer, fiberglass can help you achieve the seamless look you want. Choose from contemporary or traditional design ideas that are the ideal solution for your home.

Hot Home Upgrades For a Stylish 2020

stylish french doors

The new decade is just around the corner, which means many homeowners are planning out their New Years’ resolutions. For some, this will likely include sprucing up things around the house and making some much-needed upgrades. If this sounds like you, make sure you incorporate these stylish home improvements into your plans; they’re likely to become popular home trends during the upcoming decade.


Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows


Energy efficiency will be key in the new decade for homeowners everywhere. From swapping out lighting fixtures to upgrading appliances, there are a number of ways to embrace conservation. After all, the less energy you use, the better off you’ll be.


One surprising way to improve your home’s energy efficiency in 2020 is with new energy-efficient vinyl windows. When it comes to a home’s wall space, about 15% is taken up by windows. Since a lot of air can escape through these windows, they’ll often have a massive impact on your home’s heating and energy use. Upgrading your windows is a fast way to make a stylish fix that’s also energy-efficient.


Stylish French Doors


Sometimes, you just can’t beat the classics. Stylish French doors are one element that definitely won’t go out of style in the new decade. French doors provide a grand and elegant entrance, simultaneously improving the interior and exterior of your home. Likewise, French doors for the patio make the most of your outdoor space and encourage both you and your guests to make full use of what your home has to offer. If you’ve got the space, try upgrading either your front door or patio door to a set of stylish French doors. You can even use these doors to separate a home office or guest bedroom in a way that still feels inviting and fresh.


Minimalist and Modern Aesthetics


Finally, one trend that’s sure to pop up at the start of the decade is a new and modern aesthetic. If you’re excited about all the futuristic advancements the new decade will hold, this look is perfect for you. Look for modern sliding doors, minimalist aesthetics, and clean, sharp lines in 2020. The minimalist look has been taking hold at the end of this year, and the trend is likely to continue in home improvement in 2020.


The new decade is just about to start, and if you want to keep up with the most recent home design trends, use this list as a starting point. For more information about home design, windows, and doors, contact Illumination Window and Door today.

Not All Window Replacement is Created Equally-Quality Matters

window and door supplier

Getting the best window replacement value starts with a trusted window and door supplier. Not all energy-efficient vinyl windows are created equally. The quality of the vinyl windows absolutely will affect the vinyl window benefits.

It matters where your Scottsdale window and doors come from. Be sure that you rely on a trusted window and door supplier to get all the benefits you deserve from your window and doors replacement.

What Type of Benefits Can You Expect from Window and Door Replacement?

Did you know that 30% of your home heating and cooling energy is flying out the window? Your energy bill can be easily curtailed with new windows, but while that is a tremendous benefit, and enough reason to have new windows installed it is not the only benefit.

High-quality windows and doors from a trusted window and door supplier can help you to get all the benefits you deserve from your windows including:

  • Noise-canceling properties
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Heightened security

The truth is many homeowners are tired of throwing money out the window in energy costs, and their primary goal is to enjoy the energy efficiency of new windows. They are surprised to find that their new windows come with all the above-added benefits.

Noise Cancelling

High-quality replacement windows and doors are designed to keep the noise outside where it belongs. If you have a neighbor that likes to get up at the crack of dawn to mow their grass, new windows can ensure that you get to sleep peacefully through the mowing.

Your home can become the peaceful retreat you want it to be with replacement windows. Keep the noise outside where it belongs.

They Look Great

You can give your older home that newer home look with high-quality replacement doors and windows. You can instantly update the look of your home, and enjoy all the benefits of new vinyl windows. It is a win-win situation.

Increased Safety

Old windows can be a security risk to your home. Unfortunately, criminals will take advantage of an easy way into your home. New windows are designed with your home’s safety in mind.

Ask the trusted window and door supplier about additional benefits replacement doors and windows can deliver to your home.

Vinyl vs. Wood For Your Replacement Windows

vinyl replacement windows

When it comes to a home’s wall space, about 15% is taken up by windows. This means that not only do you want your windows to look nice, you want them to perform well too! Energy efficiency windows come in all sorts of styles and will help lower your energy bill every month. Whether it is better insulation of cool in the summer, or warm in the winter, having high performance energy efficient windows will put money back in your pocket in the long run. So, as winter slowly approaches us, your windows may be passed their heyday. This means that you might be looking at a window replacement. If you’re not sure, take care to call your local window and door company. No matter, in this article, you will find out why we think that vinyl replacement windows are the way to go.


Vinyl windows are made of out plastic, or PVC. One of the main reasons we think you should go with vinyl replacement windows is because of their relatively cheap cost. According to Fixr, It costs approximately $10,000-12,000 for the make and installment of wood windows, but only $7,000-10,000 for vinyl windows. The cost is relative, but that three thousand could really make a difference. This differential in cost is mostly due to the treatment that all the wood has to go through. However, cost is just one reason to choose vinyl replacement windows.


Vinyl windows and doors are also a lot more low-maintenance than their wooden counterparts. One of the reasons for the low-maintenance is because there is no painting or staining required with vinyl windows. However, if you have wood, you will want to at the very least seal the wood as a precautionary measure. Because there is no risk of rot, your vinyl windows can simply be washed with soap and water. However, vinyl isn’t perfect so it is important to note its shortcomings. Vinyl can warm in extreme heat. Due to the fact that vinyl can’t be repainted, you would have to replace the entire window frame. However, make sure you talk to your window and door supplier to find out if your new frames are under warranty, or if they have a policy on assisting in the replacement of a window frame due to weather.

How To Take Care Of Your Sliding Patio Doors

sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors are a great option for any home. They are convenient to use and look great. They can also be energy savers. When you consider that 30% of your home’s heat is lost because of windows and doors, you can see how important it is to have those energy-saving sliding patio doors installed.

Getting the most out of your sliding doors relies heavily on how you care for them. With some simple steps, you can keep your doors functioning and looking great for years to come.

Caring for Your Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors Scottsdale residents enjoy for years are well-cared for doors. At no point should you have to jiggle, pull, shove or drag your door across the track if you take the steps to maintain your door properly.

The primary culprit in sliding glass door failure is the rollers. On the bottom of your sliding glass door there are rollers that roll along the track (the stationary part of your door frame). The rollers should slide smoothly across the track, but if there is dirt or debris built up they will not.

Typically sliding door materials are low maintenance, but not no maintenance. Every six months or so you should be taking the time to care for your door.

All you need is a few household tools and about 20 minutes to take care of things and make sure that your sliding doors continue to slide easily. Follow these steps.

Step 1

Use the hose attachment on your vacuum to remove loose debris on the track. Vacuuming the track on both the bottom of the door and the top of the door will help the rollers to move freely.

Step 2

Use a damp cloth, not a wet one, to wipe the track down. Let the area dry thoroughly and be sure wring out the cloth well.

Step 3

While you are waiting for the track to dry, it is a good time to clean the glass. You can use a glass cleaner to clean the glass. Wipe down the handles and the frame while of your vinyl patio doors while you are at it.

Final Step

Use a high-quality silicone lubricant spray on the track and the rollers. You will now have a sliding glass door that slides along the track effortlessly.