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What's the big deal about wood clad windows?

The windows work by combining two kinds of material in one window, and thus taking the best options of both and putting them to good use. Wood clad windows have vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass on the exterior side, thus offering strong protection against the elements, as well as the ease of maintenance that you know to expect from vinyl and aluminum. This is balanced by the inside of the window, which is made of wood. The wood interior allows you to paint the window as you see fit to match your decor or to use a simple stain the reveals the beauty of the woodwork.


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Aluminum-clad windows are another great choice for a wood window look with less upkeep required. Aluminum can be painted in any color to match a home's exterior, and aluminum requires very little maintenance. In addition, aluminum is very strong and resistant to heat and fire.

Fiberglass-clad windows is the best insulating material made into windows today. It is made from a simple polymer that is reinforced with thin strands of pulled glass, it also will not conduct heat or cold, so that its temperature should be neutral to the touch. Fiberglass is suitable for any climactic area and any temperature.

Vinyl-clad windows are a good choice For a homeowner who wants a low-maintenance window and likes the features that vinyl provides, which include an integral color that never needs painting and resistance to warping. In addition, vinyl is a good insulation material, which helps to reduce thermal transfer during temperature extremes and can result in reduced utility bills.


  • Let the sun shine in without the heat
  • Increase your home’s resale value
  • Attractive to potential buyers
  • Expand living space: make every room comfortable
  • Environmentally responsible
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Low-E Glass

  • Low-E glass reduces energy loss by as much as 30%–50%
  • Allows the inner pane to stay warmer in winter
  • Reduces room side condensation of the window
  • Reduces the transmission of ultraviolet light
  • Maintains a natural appearance, viewed from the outside or inside
  • Homeowners save on energy costs, for both heating and cooling
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